5-7 full size products personalised to your Skincare, Hair Care & Makeup needs.
Delivered to your door every month. 

Starts at AED247/month

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We have options for everyone! From a one month subscription to a year long subscription. We even have a gift option!


We take the time to learn of your preferences and what you'd like to see in your Haul, and give you new exciting things you'll love customized just for you!


We'll wrap up all of your new products with care and send them your way. We ensure that our packages reach you in the first week of every month!


Enjoy your personalised HAUL! Share with friends and family, and tell us what you love about your Haul so we can continue to send you the best items.

Customer Testimonials

The packaging is so attractive! I kept the box because its collectible. The customized message and drawing is very personal which made me feel very happy. Opening the box is a great experience because the products are placed in a way that u want to see what's next!

Mariam Khairallah

The lipstick is a gorgeous colour that stands out and gives the right amount of pop! It smells like Candy too which is fantastic! And that eyeliner is just such a life saver! So happy with my HAUL!

Cadil Dsouza

Haul in One brought me joy because they are created with love and passion and perseverance by women who are talented and who are managing beautiful businesses or building successful careers and I admire them greatly for it.

Laura Toma

HAUL IN ONE’s beauty boxes are quite literally the gift that keeps on giving! I love the packaging, it’s simple & sustainable yet chic & luxurious. A personalized note adds to the wholesome experience of opening a mystery box. Unlike other beauty boxes I have tried, I did not receive pint sized products so you are essentially paying a fraction for some serious value. I cannot stop recommending it to friends and family! Try it, I’m sure you won’t regret it!!

Sue Lobo

Where is that one place, a woman can find the best haul of cosmetics that are customized to her needs? I found the answer in "HAUL IN ONE" Go to their website, fill in the form describing your skin/ hair/ makeup needs and wait for them to send you the best haul that ticks all boxes. I am sold. (& I can't wait for my next HAUL)

Meghna Dixit

I love receiving my monthly haul in one package! It literally is like getting a present for yourself delivered to your door every month. I love the variety of the products that you get sent which is specifically tailored to your wants/needs. I also love the fact that I get sent products from brands I may not have heard from before which means I get to try some awesome products that I wasn't aware of before. The packages always arrive on time with the cutest personalised card and it really feels like you're receiving a beauty hamper from a close friend who knows your taste exactly! If you're sitting on the fence about signing up to the haul in one subscription then honestly sign up ASAP because you won't regret it!

Tasneem Daud

I'm all about packaging and just the way the HAUL IN ONE Box looked got me really excited when I received it as a gift from a dear friend. I loved the thoughtful picks inside the box too, especially the ice roller! I love that I can keep it in the freezer and use it when I've got a headache! What a super gift to receive!


What's In Your Beauty Box?

Exclusive & Personalised

We curate each HAUL just for you. No two boxes are the same! It's convenient, its personal, its HAUL about you!

Genuine & High Value

We ensure that your boxes give you value for your hard earned money! With 5-7 full size products, and at least 2 luxury brands!

Happiness Guaranteed

With every HAUL we get to to know you better! Each HAUL is hand curated and so we are convinced that you are sure to love what we lovingly put together for you!


AED 299/ Month

AED 273/ Month

AED 261/ Month

AED 247/ Month

The price includes shipping, taxes and ensures you get the complete HAUL-some experience!

We believe in value for money – That’s why your box will always have a FAR higher retail value than the monthly fees! 

We Learn About You With Every Box

At HAUL IN ONE, we believe that you’re unique. And so, right from your first box, we begin learning about you by getting your feedback. This allows us to personalise the items you receive right from your second box!

Happiness Guaranteed

A short while after you receive your HAUL every month, you receive an email that allows you to voice your opinion on its contents. You get to tell us about the products, the box and also what you’d like to receive the next month, thereby allowing us to customize it JUST FOR YOU!

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