our HAUL-some story

'BEAUTY HAUL' - a large collection of beauty products resulting from a shopping spree, typically those that will thereafter be discussed and posted about on social media 

We often fall prey to the idea that beauty is one-size-fits-all. That there is somehow only one definition of what makes us beautiful, but more often that not, those ideals are just that - an idea. 

There is rarely any truth to a one dimensional view of beauty. 

We have come across several women in our life, who've had to conform themselves to the elusive concept of what should make them beautiful, who've been afraid to embrace their beauty, as is! 

And so, we started HAUL IN ONE. 

It began with a notion that every woman deserves to feel special. That your definition of beauty is just as valid as anyone else's. That it's okay if you choose to wear blue mascara or focus on your hair more than your makeup! You choose what makes you feel unique. It is why we take so many pains to personalise each and every HAUL that goes out. 

You should feel as celebrated upon opening it as we do when we put it together for you! That box is just yours. There's not another like it - just like you! 

As a new female-founded startup, we know we've embarked on a difficult journey, but we feel so special that we have YOU, cheering us on as we try to add a little HAULsome goodness to the way beauty is defined and perceived. 

Take care, stay safe, stay HAULin

HAUL IN ONE Team xx​