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HAUL IN ONE subscribers residing in UAE may subscribe to Monthly, 3-months, 6-months or 12-months  plans wherein they receive a HAUL IN ONE box for every month of their subscription cycle, containing curated products as per the information they provide: HAUL IN ONE  offers  different recurring payment options to subscribe:  

  1. an automatically billed monthly subscription ("Monthly Membership") 

  2. an automatically billed quarterly subscription ("3-Months Membership") 

  3. an automatically billed biannual subscription (“6-Months Membership”) 

  4. an automatically billed annual subscription (“12-Months Membership”) 


You can subscribe here: There may be a waitlist to receive your first HAUL IN ONE Beauty Box. You will be notified once you are taken off the waitlist and the box as per your preference is prepared for you. You can read more about the waitlist below. 

Beauty Box Contents: The HAUL IN ONE box typically contains a mix of full size, sample size and travel size products under 4 main categories: 

  1. Skin Care 

  2. Makeup 

  3. Hair Care 

  4. Tools 


The box would typically contain 5-6 products and occasionally some promotions and or bonus items. The contents of each box will vary from month to month prompted by your feedback and choices. We attempt to customize your box based on your HAUL IN ONE beauty profile, your product reviews and other feedback you choose to provide to us from time to time, but we make no guarantees that you will receive a particular product. However, the box will mandatorily contain products from at least two of the above categories, of your choice. 

Monthly Subscription: By purchasing a Monthly Subscription, you agree to an initial and recurring Monthly Subscription fee at the then-current Monthly Subscription rate, and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your Monthly Subscription at any time, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy. 

  • AUTOMATIC MONTHLY RENEWAL TERMS: Once you subscribe and are off the waitlist, HAUL IN ONE will automatically process your Monthly Subscription fee in the next billing cycle. HAUL IN ONE will continue to automatically process your Monthly Subscription fee each month at the then-current Monthly Subscription rate until you cancel your subscription. We explain how to cancel your Monthly Subscription below at the Section "Cancellation Policy". 

  • Annual Subscription: By purchasing an Annual Subscription, you agree to an initial pre-payment for one full year of service (after you are off the waitlist). After one year and annually thereafter, you will be billed a recurring Annual Subscription renewal fee at the then-current Annual Subscription rate. We will notify you before the renewal fee is billed. You may cancel your Annual Subscription anytime before the next billing cycle, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy. 

  • AUTOMATIC ANNUAL RENEWAL TERMS: We bill your credit card for the Annual Subscription renewal fee in the first month of your next Annual Subscription. For example, let's say you purchased an Annual Subscription beginning in Feb 2020 and ending in Jan 2021. We will bill you for the second year (Feb2021to Jan2022) in Feb2021, unless you cancel your Annual Subscription before Feb 2021. You accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation. Once you subscribe, HAUL IN ONE will automatically process your Annual Subscription fee at the then-current Annual Subscription rate. We explain how to cancel your Annual Subscription below at the Section "Cancellation Policy". 


Waitlist: Our Beauty Boxes are in high demand so you may be placed on a waitlist when you first subscribe to the program. We try to convert members from the waitlist into active members as quickly as possible, but the timing depends on a number of important factors including our ability to find and source the best and highest-quality brands and products that successfully meet the personal interests and needs identified in each new subscriber's beauty profile. We DON’T want to compromise in any way the HAUL IN ONE experience. 

Skip the Waitlist:

At different points each month, we will communicate through email and social media channels, such as the HAUL IN ONE Facebook page or Instagram, special promotions to skip the waitlist. These promotions are intended to reward our biggest fans for helping to spread the word about us through social media. Skipping the waitlist is not required and is at each HAUL IN ONE subscriber’s discretion. 

  • You may cancel your Monthly Subscription at any time by logging into your account, clicking on My Account/Subscription & Purchases, and following the cancellation procedures described there. If you need help, feel free to contact us using this link: If you are on the waitlist you cannot cancel by logging into your account, so please contact us using the same link to cancel your waitlist Monthly Subscription. If you cancel your Monthly Subscription, the cancellation will take effect for your next monthly billing cycle. You will not be eligible for a refund for monthly subscription fees paid prior to the month the cancellation takes effect. 

  • Cancellation Policy for Annual Subscription Renewals: Annual Subscription fees are non-refundable. You may cancel your Annual Subscription renewal at any time after you are billed for the then-current year and before you are billed for the next year, by logging into your account, clicking on MyAccount/Subscription & Purchases, and following the cancellation procedures or by contacting us using this link: If you cancel your HAUL IN ONE Membership you can re-subscribe any time, subject to the waitlist. 


No Returns: 

You may not return any Beauty Box you receive. If you have concerns about the Box you have received or any of the products in it, please contact us at We will work with you to address your concerns. 


Cancellation and Refunds: 

Users may cancel their subscription at any time by contacting HAUL IN ONE at


If User subscribes to the service and that Subscriber is on the waitlist, and that Subscriber wishes to cancel their subscription, that Subscriber must contact HAUL IN ONE by emailing, with the email subject line "UNSUBSCRIBE-ON WAITLIST." Users will not be charged for cancellation. Users canceling subscription(s) through their account page must do so prior to the 15th of the previous month (e.g., by July 15th in order to cancel for an August renewal).  If an Active Subscriber (all plans other than Monthly Plan) cancels their subscription, they will still receive products through the end of the then-current subscription term. Active Subscriber's subscriptions will not be renewed after the then-current term expires. However, you are not and will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of the subscription fee paid for the then-current subscription period. That means if an Active Subscriber cancels their subscription after one (1) month but pre-paid for three (3) months, they will not receive any money back, but will receive two (2) months’ worth of product from the Company. Anyone may re-subscribe at any time following cancellation. The Company does not allow Active Subscriber to pause or suspend its subscriptions. 

By using this Website, you understand and agree that you shall receive no refunds and no exchanges for any products provided by the Company once we deliver these items to the carrier who delivers these products unless the product received by you is damaged and/or expired. The Company provides a selection of products which may vary from box to box sent to various Users of the Service. The Company cannot accommodate specific requests for certain products, as the Company operates from a limited inventory of products depending on availability. 

Your Comments and Concerns 

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